Target Your Deep-Rooted Tension


Does your pent-up stress have a way of manifesting itself in the form of knots and muscle pain? If so, turn to Hang Zen of Colorado Springs, CO for relief. We offer deep tissue massages using trigger point techniques to target the areas that contain the most tension. Our therapist will use her elbows and short, deep strokes to really loosen your muscles.

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3 reasons to get a deep tissue massage

3 reasons to get a deep tissue massage

If you’ve got tension built up in your back and shoulders from stress, injuries or an illness, you should consider getting a deep-tissue massage. Here are a few ways this form of therapy can benefit you:

  1. Break up scar tissue after surgery or an accident
  2. Relax and restore injured muscles
  3. Relieve chronic pain
Discuss your concerns with Hang Zen to determine if a deep tissue massage is the treatment for you.